Web Design

As technology gets more and more advanced, having a website for your business is not only useful; it’s a necessity.

NetDonkey offers website design services for re-designing your existing site or creating a new one. We know that a strong presence on the internet leads to a large return on investment for your business. Sizable profits are the result of tons of traffic to your website. One way to get that traffic to your site is through search engine optimization, or SEO. NetDonkey has extensive knowledge of SEO and we know how to effectively design and optimize a website to get your business the greatest exposure in search engine rankings.

All of our websites are professional, easy to navigate and built using the WordPress technology platform. WordPress is an essential tool for SEO. It is designed with a multitude of built-in tools that are effective and “friendly” with the search engines.

According to industry professionals, WordPress websites tend to rank rather quickly and perform better in the search engines.

Although NetDonkey is an SEO services company, we understand that website design is not just about optimizing for the search engines, but also for the searchers; the people who are using search engines. Just because you are getting high volume traffic to your site does not mean you will get the results you want. This is where one of the most important, if not THE most important, essentials comes in; and that is content. So essential, that we have an entire page dedicated to content writing. People are looking for specific information and they want to find it easily, so good web design needs to be driven by content and simple navigation.

A website design should not only be search engine friendly, but also user-friendly.

rippleContent is key to both sides of this equation. People want to find exactly what they are searching for on the internet, or they will move on. Search engines want consistent, fresh content or you won’t rank high. We have expert writers who know the importance of quality content and what it means for a successful website.

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