Video Marketing

There is a ton of opportunity with video!
Educational, how-to, informative and entertaining videos, they all valuable tools to any internet marketing campaign.NetDonkey Video Marketing

  • Provide valuable content to increase time spent on your website
  • Add traffic by ranking high on YouTube
  • Add traffic by ranking videos high on Google and other search engines
  • Add additional SEO benefits to your website

Video is a internet marketing strategy that should not be ignored!

Just filming a video and uploading it to YouTube probably won’t get you very far.

Optimizing video is a very involved process and can often take a long time to complete,
but the benefits of a well optimized and high ranking video can be powerful and long lasting.

Video Optimization and YouTube

Did you know that YouTube is the #2 search engine??
Social Media VideoNot only is it a video site and search engine, it is also it’s own social media community.
Being tightly integrated with Google, it’s important to give YouTube special consideration in any SEO campaign.

YouTube optimization starts with your companies profile and extends to optimizing each video that has been uploaded.
Not only can a well optimized video rank well on YouTube, bringing you traffic, they can also rank on page 1 of Google and other search engines!

We find additional traffic and SEO benefits from syndicating video across multiple video hosting sites.

Video Production

Making videos is a necessity for SEO optimization. We are well experience with video of all lengths, from short videos focusing on SEO only, to pieces filmed and produced to showcase your business, all the way up to complete storyboarding, filming, and editing of music videos.

Video is included in any of our custom internet marketing campaigns and should be utilized by any business today!

Simple videos for SEO start as little $50 and are included in nearly all SEO packages that we offer.

Filming, production, editing and optimizing is priced on a per project basis.