Social Media is important and it is here to stay. Building and engaging a community is essential to any internet marketing campaign.

Social Media is now more important that ever. Not only is it a terrific avenue for traffic and brand building, it is also now an important factor in search engine ranking!

Social Media Research

social mediaThe first step in any Social Media campaign, is research.
Our Social Media Research take an in-depth look at your industry to determine an affective outline to follow.
Some of the key points in our research include:

  • Which social media technologies will be effective for your business: Facebook, Twitter, Tribe, Foursquare, etc…
  • Key social media influencers within your industry
  • Trending topics
  • How to engage and respond to users
  • Posting best practices
  • Reputation Management
  • When and where to promote
  • Online personality
  • Responding to positive and negative comments

Social Media Management

Social Media MarketingWe recommend someone within our company handle you social media with the use of our research, monitoring and reporting. Content is typically more interesting and engaging when coming from someone who is involved daily with your industry.

That being said, we do offer completely hands off Social Media Management.

We perform our research and follow our own best practices to generate quality content to post on your businesses behalf on all effective social media platforms.

We focus on building a community by gaining followers, engaging and entertaining them.
We also work with you to create promotions, specials, events and give aways to be used in both online and offline marketing materials.

Included is profile setup on social media sites that won’t be used daily, but still provide SEO and other positive online benefits.

Also available is email marketing. Collecting and maintaining a list of people interested in your products or services is powerful. We work to build your email list and create and schedule emails to engage and monetize.